Rebel Legato Shares His 3 Years In The Making LP “Rebel Season”

We’re big fans of Rebel Legato over here at FFD. We weren’t expecting him to join new power group Tiny Chain Gang (Vantablac SOL, Will is Chillin’ producer Josh Grant and himself) but had no complaints. The E-Town native was also featured on our first compilation tape Riptide Vol. 1 – and easily grabbed the most streams out of the bunch. Long story short – Rebel recently hit my inbox with his latest and greatest project yet – Rebel Season. RS was 3 years in the making as his last project dropped way back in January of 2015. The LP tells the story of his 3-year absence – a time that changed the rest of his life. The project is meant to be appreciated in full as the 11 tracks build upon each other to reveal the details of this transformation.

Along the way, I understood Rebel on a deeper level and related to parts of what he went through. I have no doubt listeners will feel closer to him and appreciate his music even more. Rebel Season is more spoken word than anything, but his even-keeled bars are dispersed throughout. From the opening piano keys to final track RiDE, you’ll get lost in an audio experience that will bring you closer to the honest and pure talent that is Rebel Legato.

Rebel Season is available on all streaming sites. 


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