Playing Catchup – Notable Chicago Music We Missed This November

Meech – truecolors. (EP)

Meech has been an avid flowsfordays supporter, and we love him right back. We caught Meech pretty early and knew he would become one of the most respected MC’s in the city. Our interview with Meech did HUGE numbers, showing us he had developed a strong and loyal following. Once HBC dropped in March, he took off. It is an incredible record that is infectious and full of empowerment.

His newest EP, truecolors. proved he could make a fine body of work. Meech is no one-hit wonder, as colors features mellow cuts, his finest bars, catchy tunes, and excellent sequencing. I’ve listened to it front to back a number of times, and am never bored. This is just the beginning for Meech. Catch the wave before it’s too late.

Musa Reems – Lately I’ve Been Sol Searching (EP)

Musa is another artist we saw potential in from the start. We premiered his Not With Gang visual last year along with an in-depth interview. The young MC is strategic about his drops, offering short EP’s, a track here and there, and another brief but potent EP as Injured Party (with Amare Symoné.) While rappers across the board put out loosies, visuals, and mixtapes by the dozen, Musa leaves his listeners wanting more. A few weeks ago we got just that with his Lately, I’ve Been Sol Searching. Along with the drop, he announced he had signed with AEMPP. Another well-deserved accomplishment.

In the last few months, Musa’s music has grown more experimental, and it’s a welcomed progression. Lately is full of fast tempo rhymes (Sol Search), J. Dilla-esq beats (PLAY4KEEPS) beautiful vocals from Amare Symoné, poetry, and Musa at his very best.

LawThaDragon (feat. Kid Breeze) – Jungle (prod by Bobby Beatz)

Law and Breeze are two MC’s you must know, especially if you call yourself a fan of hip-hop. Both take the art seriously, putting wordplay and flow above the rest. Still, there’s a lot more to these Chicagoans, and I urge you to check out some of their previous work. Just a few days ago they teamed up for a heart-racing track titled Jungle. They attack not only in energy but with bars and one-liners. The Jungle is an apt title, not only in subject matter but in their aggressive approach to the Bobby Beatz instrumental.

Tiny Chain Gang (Vantablac SOL, Will is Chillin’, Rebel Legato & Josh Grant) – ALL IN THE FAM

A new collective is in town, and have already turned heads with their first single, ALL IN THE FAMVantablac SOL, Will is Chillin’, Rebel Legato, and producer Josh Grant have joined forces for super-group Tiny Chain Gang. ALL IN THE FAM is a bold introduction, showcasing each member’s talent on the mic. Personal anecdotes are either rapped, crooned or mumbled for a proper introduction to each team member. I’m calling it now – these guys are going to be huge.

M.Whise – Yoshimitsu (Light Sword) (prod by Chosen)

M.Whise is easily one of my favorite artists out of the city, and criminally slept on. Just last month he dropped a surprise EP, and it was his best work yet. Yoshimitsu (Light Sword) is an ominius record that stays rooted in sincerity and complexity. Whise continues to share the confines of his mind, and holds nothing back. Frequent collaborator Chosen put together another sinister instrumental pairing well with Whise’s raspy voice and menacing confidence.