For longtime readers of FFD, you know our guy Ziyaad Luceō – an R&B vocalist who isn’t afraid to experiment. A month ago (at the time of this release) we received a full length from the mysterious vocalist, and it exceeded expectations. Late Night Calls has a fluid storyline that was open to interpretation but also hit home for myself and many others. Always full of surprises, Ziyaad has created an alternative story and visual to the project through many famous, aesthetic, anime snippets. Clips come from Spirited Away to DyE’s “Fantasy” while including his songs The After Party (Parts 1 & 2), P.O.P & Imperfections and Late Night Calls (Self-Titled). These visuals are meant to expand the ideas behind the EP and give listeners a new layer of appreciation. Hopefully, you agree that he did that and much more.