The Wait Is Over: Ziyaad Luceō’s Debut EP Is Here

It’s finally here. Our favorite pain to pleasure vocalist Ziyaad Luceō has released his debut EP LATE NIGHT CALLS. The EP has been years in the making, and we’ve covered him from the beginning. As soon as his track Broken Skies hit my inbox, I knew I had to learn more about it. After our convo, I was told the song was recorded as a sort of therapy while watching his friend struggle with drugs. After a series of loosies (now taken down), Ziyaad has proven he can make a strong body of work. LNC is a window into a period of his life where naivety created a pathway to mature consciousness. It was all sparked by relentless heartbreak from a romantic relationship. Although he takes us on his journey, he also brings a powerful & positive message to his ever-growing fan base.

He says:

It (the EP) was the only way I could communicate myself with passion. Music gave me a gateway to being satisfied with the person I am currently and the man I wanted to be.

Perhaps this is why I feel a personal connection to his music, not only in lyrical content but in the way he delivers it. The expression of feelings and pain come out with his voice, often warped, sultry, and heartfelt. The production only helps the cause, with instrumentals from Sonder, Break, Kaelyn, Khadisma, Haan808, Sango & Nehzuil and M&M. Nothing is directly given to us without spending some time with the EP, which is no chore. You may feel Ziyaad speaking directly to you, which is exactly why he makes music.


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