If you’ve been following flowsfordays for awhile, you know Vonte & Matt Whise. For those that don’t, let me catch you up. Both are talented, lyrical beasts, and some of the most consistent MC’s you’ll find in Chicago. In September, they released a fierce collab with the lovely Brittani Jenae titled Greenlight. The song is a seductive and radio-friendly hit that strays far away from corniness and repetition. Vonte has kept me up to date on his music, so I knew the official video was dropping sooner rather than later. It’s finally here and has exceeded expectations. Director and editor visualazb outdid himself, giving new life to the song through smoky, elegant, and artistic shots. Vonte and Brittani have instant chemistry but didn’t overdo their scenes. It’s rare to find two exceptional rappers put together 2 dope verses with a performance to match, but Vonte and Matt Whise are not run-of-the-mill artists. Here’s hoping they get more recognition in 2018.