Vonte, Matt Whise & Brittani Jenae Link For A Progressive New Track in “Green Light”

A lot of hip hop artists try to make R&B records centered around wanting sex, or the act of sex. I can’t tell you how many I’ve listened to that are corny at best, and totally turned me off from them and/or their previous work. In the current state of hip hop its hard to pull of this type of record for many reasons that I could easily dive into. But this post is about two of my favorite Chicago MC’s Vonte, Matt Whise, and a new discovery – vocalist Brittani Jenaue.

Vonte tags this as “R&B,” and the cover will immediately let you into the topic at hand. I was reluctant at first, not sure what to expect. But 30 seconds in and I knew this had Vonte’s touch on it, and honestly Vonte has never let me down. I reviewed his last project 1 Time 4 Da West$ide and hosted an exclusive interview which was a joy to do. I never expected him to go in this direction, but he executed it perfectly. He starts it off with some melodic crooning – still keeping it hip hop. Matt Whise continues the theme, putting his rhyming style into the mix. I was overwhelmed with singer Brittani Jeanue. She added a sensual touch to the track that was needed.

Vonte and I are cooking some things up, so keep it locked at flowsfordays.