Chicago’s Jay Wood Doesn’t Disappoint On His Highly Anticipated New EP “RAIN.”

In the beginning of the year, we spoke to Jay Wood about his return to the Chicago music scene and what he had been cooking up in the interim. His comeback single with femdot. and Chulo was out and drew a lot of buzz in the city. Since then, Jay has been on a rampage, grabbing features on influential blogs across the web. Two singles followed, and then the announcement of his second project RAIN. 

It’s finally here, and we’ve been blessed with 5 new cuts. They pull RAIN. into a cohesive piece that embodies the EP’s name sonically and lyrically. His curious spirit is dispersed throughout RAIN., and his deep baritone contrasts the twinkling instrumentals. While listening I imagined Jay star-gazing while writing, perhaps with a little altering of the mind. Although dense, his rhyme scheme switches at the drop of a hat, as he meditates on a host of topics that must be experienced to truly understand. Christian JaLon and Oliv Blue break things up with breathtaking vocals and heartfelt songwriting, while Ajani Jones comes through with another memorable feature.


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