Chicago’s Jay Wood Gives No Hesitation on His Femdot and Chulo Assisted Single ‘Right Now.’

Having the right connects can do wonders for artists in the music industry. But what if those connects actually fucked with your music? That is the case for fresh new talent Jay Wood. He’s built friendships with a host of Chicago players, including Malcolm London, Jamila Woods, and Femdot respectively, but he’s been putting in the work all on his own.

His debut mixtape Self Doubt impressed hip hop heads, and has helped him build a strong following that is only growing. Things are about to get crazy as Jay has dropped the official follow up, Right Now. Yes, his debut was called Self Doubt, but that was months ago, and things have changed for the Chicago emcee.

Right Now is a bare knuckle banger (produced by TEK.LUN) that will knock you off your feet. The hesitation has disappeared, as he quotes 50 Cent on the jump: “I know you like my style, if you didn’t know it then, then you’re gonna know now.” It’s not a request, it’s a statement, and he has the chops to back it up.

His boys Femdot and fellow Freesole member Chulo are along for the ride, passionately rhyming about their come up, and subsequently successful careers. If these 3 join forces on a full length I might just have to skip Apple Music and pay a full $9.99.


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