Chicago’s Finest M.Whise Drops His Best Work Yet In Surprise​ EP “Shogun”

M.Whise has quietly become a mainstay in Chicago’s hip hop scene. He’s been all over flowsfordays, and continues to contribute to the gritty underground scene in the city. Whise is never afraid to be different, but not for different’s sake. His newest surprise EP, Shogun, is his best work yet and fits with the theme of nontraditional promotion or release strategy. It made Shogun an even sweeter listen – as there was a level of anticipation as soon as it was dropped on Soundcloud.

Shogun incorporates the best of the 90’s era, more specifically an acute synergy with Biggie, Mobb Deep, and the beginnings of horrorcore. Whise utilizes a host of veteran producers to create a claustrophobic project rooted in the darkness of his mind. We learn the studio is his oasis, a place where he can record his thoughts on the mic with no judgment. Abstract storytelling is abundant – centered around fear, vulnerability, but still confidence towards the end. GBI member Wav Davinci is the lone feature – keeping Shogun personal and more meaningful to the listener. Whise is at his best merging melody and dense bars to the deep production. Shogun is meant to be listened to in full, and at only 6 track it will easy to digest.