Chicago’s Meech Doesn’t Need Saving (Exclusive Interview)

I’ve been following multi-faceted Chicago artist Meech since he dropped his excellent Saints EP. In our year end list I listed the first track off the project, Saved, as my favorite song of the year. My feelings never changed.

Since then he’s dropped two strong loosies: Tango, and No Doubt. No Doubt was released just about two weeks ago and has been streamed almost 23K times. He’s gaining a much deserved buzz throughout Chicago and now across the country.

We recently conducted an in depth interview with the versatile artist. He told us all about Saved, his frequent producer Mic Lee, and his favorite song in his ever growing discography. Peep below.

Hey Meech! Thanks for sitting down with us! Could you give us a little introduction on you? 

Well my name is Meech, I’m from the Eastside of Chicago. I write raps and sing songs for people to enjoy and I’m apart of a collective called Sober Gold. Thats just a quick lil overview.

So we’ve covered your Saints EP… even calling it one of the best mixtapes of last year. Have you gotten some good press for it?

Yeah it seems to have gotten a good reception, different blogs picked it up, blogs I had never been on before so that was cool. People seem to like it so that’s dope. You guys calling it the one of the best mixtape of last year is dope, I really appreciate that, I’m trying to release the best music I can possibly release.

I specifically wrote about the opener Saved which is still a song I have on heavy rotation. Tell us about the process of that one. Do you think it’s one of your stronger records?

Well its funny, Saved was kinda a rushed job. I had the whole EP done, but we (me and my Sober Gold compadres) thought it was missing something. Then it hit us and we were like “It needs a intro! but the thing is I had scheduled a studio session 3 weeks prior for a Sunday. All of this took place the Saturday before. Mic finishes this beat that he had been working on, he didn’t know what to “save” it as so he called it “Saved” cause he saved the beat. People think we put all this effort into Saved and we didn’t (laughs) it was made on a whim.

I also wanted to speak on the album art for Saints. It is incredible. Who worked on that and how did it all come together? 

Ok so you need to know 3 pieces of information. I’m really into anime, Japanese culture, and I produce music. So I was on YouTube doing some virtual crate digging. I stumble across this Japanese progressive-rock abound called Shingetsu from 1971. The had a self-titled album and the album art for their project was the inspiration for mines.Oh, and their album artwork was inspired by Alice and Wonderland. The universe aligned on that one (laughs.)

Following the project was a strong single titled Tango which has done huge numbers in a short period of time. It’s actually my second favorite song from you. Why did you decide to release that as your follow up to Saints? Was there another song you were considering?

I’m glad you enjoy Tango and their was a few song I had to choose from but Tango just gave me a energy I hadn’t felt before. Another funny story is that when Mic Lee sent that beat to me, he just wanted me to listen to it and give him feedback cause he was going to put up on Soundcloud, just something for the people. And I selfishly said “hellllllll no!” (laughs) he didn’t really picture a song being put on there, so the fact that it turned out as well as it did was dope.

You work with producer Mic Lee quiet a bit as he provided beats on 2 of the 5 songs off Saints and your next two singles Tango and No Doubt. How did that relationship develop? What makes you continue to work with him?

So back when twitter wasn’t weird as shit, and people would follow people just because they seemed cool, we followed each other over some basketball banter. Turned out we had a mutual friend in our homie Brandon, and he would tell me how good his friend “ Mic Lee” was at producing. My dumbass didn’t realize my twitter homie, was the Mic Lee I was told about (laughs) The rest is history. I continue to work with him cause he is stupid talented, you heard them beats? That and he’s my brother, what’s better than creating with family?

We posted No Doubt which dropped just over a week ago. It features an artist by the name of SL. What did he contribute and how do you know one another?

SL? That’s my brother Sterling. As far as No Doubt he wrote a fire verse and contributed ideas as far as song structure that made No Doubt as cool as it is. Sterling is brilliant songwriter, and contributes a lot to the records you hear form me. I’m receptive to different ideas and I hate to be linear in my creative process and he make sure to keep the ideas flowing. He actually taught me how to REALLY rap (laughs) and the same scenario with Mic Lee, we met through Brandon (laughs.)

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Photo Credit 📷: @aye_donnie_

Another favorite track off the Saints EP is the one with MFnMelo who is a prominent artist in the Chicago scene. How did you initially link?

Me and Melo actually met at a show we did 2 years ago back in 2014, a year and a half later we finally linked on a record. He’s a really good guy, and always shows support and he can always expect the same from me.

Is there a song in your discography that you like the most or feel the most proud of?

I have a favorite but its not out yet (laughs) but as far the one I’m most proud of would be Saved, it kick started my momentum. It made people wanna listen to what I do next and earned me some legit fans. Imagine going from 3k plays max to getting 50k on a song and 20k consistently. Its a step in the right direction and Saved made that happen so yeah.

Are you where you want to be in your music career?

Helllllllll naw (laughs)

Do you feel you’ve progressed since your first project #Violet which actually dropped about 2 years ago?

Hellllllll yes (laughs) but people always seem baffled as to how I’ve progressed so rapidly, and honestly you just gotta surround yourself with people that are better than you. That and be thirsty to learn. That’s it and I only want to get better and progress more.

You’ve garnered over 1K followers on SoundCloud. What do you attribute that to?

Luck. God. Some otherworldly force. Idk, thing about this music, is getting people to really engage with enough to wanna share it and love it so maybe I was able to do that. Maybe some blog posted it and got it to the right ears. I would like to think I touched some hearts with the music and they chose to stick around so lets go with that lol.

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Photo credit: @falynhuang

What made you decide to get into music? Did you have an artist that inspired you? 

Genetics maybe? My dad is a bass player. I picked up producing on a whim, where it came from I don’t know. Now, I went to the Glow in the Dark Tour in 2007 and that made me wanna rap. All it took was for me to see Ye live one time and it was a rap (laughs) I would say Kanye is my general inspiration, but I draw inspiration from good music in general. If I hear a artist DO something cool in they music, I try to take that and flip it and make something unique to me. Bryson Tiller might have a run that I like, Migos might have a flow I like, Cole might say something in a way, I wish I could. Those type of things are where I find my inspiration.

What can we expect from Meech in the coming months?

Things….nice things (laughs)


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