flowsfordays’ Premiere: Wil Akogu – Operation X Remix (Official Music Video)

Back in April, we hosted the official premiere of Wil Akogu’s Operation X Remix. It’s a rework of Femdot, Ali, Stark of Huey & Brittney Carters’ original version which dropped that very month. Wil made it all his own – spitting double time with tightly packed bars. He also grabbed fellow Chicagoian Dougy to make a few adjustments to the original instrumental. Wil has been updating me on the status of its official video, and I’m happy to say it’s finally here. If you’ve been following Wil for awhile, you’ll know he only puts out quality content. He often spending months perfecting mixing and mastering, or in this case, the edits to the Operation X Remix visual. The Liam Trumble directed film is, in fact, a cinematic experience, with styling by Felton Kizer, and an incredible performance by Wil. You’ll find him walking across a grassy knoll towards a massive castle, rhyming in and around the landmark. Watch the throne, my friends, as Wil is out for king status.