flowsfordays Premiere: Wil Akogu – Operation X (Remix) (New Track)

Without exaggeration, Wil Akogu is the hardest working emcee that I know. I am blessed to know him personally – but before we became friends I noticed his constant grind. From high energy shows to flawless projects to gorgeous videos, he has proven his dedication to his craft.

Wil and I have collaborated on an interview before, but a premiere is something I’ve always wanted to do with him. Today I present to you his newest track – Operation X. He gave me a call a week or so before, bubbling with excitement over recording this. The song is a remix to Femdot’s, Ali of New Kingz, Stark of Huey & Brittney Carters original version which dropped early last month. Wil’s approach to the record along with the minor adjustments to the instrumental made by producer Dougy, allow for this record to create a world of its own. And in this world, Wil Akogu is king.

Stream this track above, and get ready for Wil’s best year to come.