Vonte’s 1 TIME 4 DA WEST$IDE Brought Him Critical Acclaim…What’s Next For the Chicago Emcee? (Exclusive Interview)

Hey Vonte, how are you? We are so happy to be able to talk to you. Give us a background on who you are, where you’re from, and what you’re all about. 

I’m Vonte and I been around (lol) Im from the Westside of Chicago! I’m about the people. I am the voice of the ghetto. 

You put out your first track, The Cure freestyle, about 2 years ago. What made you release it? How do you feel you’ve grown since then?

The cure freestyle was just something I did to listen to my voice. JCole bodied that beat and it inspired me to write to it. Since then man I have grown as a person first. I have matured into a young man and I have slowly put away all the childish things I did when I was a little boy. I rarely listen to music I’ve already released but sometimes I just just to reminisce, you know listen to the growth. As a artist I’m more focused and understand I have a voice, and I must use my voice to inspire and spread love. 


Once we got hip to your movement we noticed that you have VERY organic supporters. They are really down with your music. Was that something that came right away? How did you build up your fanbase?

As far as supporters go first off I thank everybody that has ever listened to anything I’ve ever done, even just to critique it. I’ve always been open to constructive criticism however I’mma still do me haha. And yea I think overtime the more and more projects and videos I put out it’s like people have noticed my work ethic. I still believe in face to face interactions as well. Every time I’m out of town, I’m networking. I’m always in the hood , getting on feet talking to the people, passing out stickers things like that. 


Back in February you gave us a listen to your project 1 Time 4 Da West$ide. I vividly remember being blown away by it and wondering how I hadn’t heard your music before. What made you decide to reach out?

Thanks again for the dope writeup btw, you hit everything right on the nail. I just am a fan of music and I could tell that you appreciate real music. So I just decided to send it to you in confidence because of the work I put into the project. 

Soon after it dropped we wrote extensively on it, praising the production, lyrics, and overall direction. What type of response did you get outside of us? How do you feel about the project in general?

“1 Time 4 Da West$ide” was the launch pad. Its gotten me around to visit and perform at events and showcases all throughout the country. Its been on XXL, The Source 2DopeBoyz so a lot of big publications have wrote about it. I feel 1T4DW$ is just reminding everybody we got that shit Outwest too lol. Naw but fr, we got that shit!!!


This is definitely your most ambitious offering yet. How long did it take to put together? What does it mean to you?

tI started working on the tape Halloween of 2015 and finished it November 21st of 2016. It means the world to me but I’m still growing. I don’t really listen to music I’ve already released. I want more from myself I expect more. I want to be mentioned with the greats of this rap shit. 

In your submission email you mentioned how the west side of Chicago doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Do you see that changing any time soon?

Slowly people have taken notice of our talent. S/O 2 SABA and his whole camp. Everybody thats working at Classick Studios as well. Just all my niggas doing their. And yes, Outwest is on the rise. 


1T4DW speaks on personal struggle. Was this project a form of therapy for you?

Not necessarily, actually living through those things and learning from my mistakes and choices was therapy. I don’t believe in coincidence everything I mean everything happens for a reason. I understand that and it’r really beauty in the struggle. However being in the studio recording, mixing and just all the work I put into the project became therapeutic, took me out of my daily life and allowed me to show the world through my eyes. 

What can we expect for the rest of the year?

The rest of the year I’m going to put out a few singles to further showcase my versatility and put out videos for those singles. I’m already working on a new project but there is no release date for it. When its ready its ready. I’ve grown up listening to perfectionists and I’ve become one myself. 


Shameless plug (lol) come check me out live June 15th at #CultureFest 1420 S. Michigan Ave DJ Nephews and DJ Keon spinning. Come out its a live fashion showcase and other dope artists will be performing. Doors open @5:30. Tickets are online hit me for them if necessary. 


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