Westside Chicago artist Vonte isn’t afraid to be honest about his past, present and future. His newest project, 1 Time 4 Da West$ide, is all about the challenges he has faced in showing his true self.

Each song has a purpose on the 12 track tape, and has been in development since the tail end of 2015 October. He’s worked hard at making sure the production, lyrics, and overall direction is perfect, and represents exactly who he is as an artist.

I was sent an early listen and enjoyed it quiet a bit. Vonte was very appreciative of me listening (which makes this career worthwhile) and also sent me an exclusive quote about the project which you can read below:

I feel like Outwest doesn’t get the credit we deserve. We are apart of this city just as much as the south side. “1 Time 4 Da West$ide” is just my ode to my side of town OUTWEST. In terms of how it came together it really was organic from the writing to the recording. Nothing was forced. I started on this tape Halloween of 2015 finished it November 22nd of 2016, so a lot of time and effort went into every facet of the project. As far as the guys on the hidden interludes is my homie “Gooch” who is locked up in Vandalia and my uncle “Cocheise” who is locked up in Iowa.

Cocheise is important; I wanted to be like him when I was younger cause my dad wasn’t around. Unk was like my big brother being my mom was a single mother of 3. Cocheise is the one rapping throughout the tape. I wanted to give the world an opportunity to hear him spit. 

Credits are below: F6696A24-3D7C-412F-ACE3-948FB18E87F2.png