Loren, femdot. & Flight Link For A Classic Chicago Collab in “Fake Deep 2”

Loren has proven his versatility as an MC and performer. It’s been years since he dropped his standout EP Famous, and has only grown in his artistry. Many fans of artists are mad when they change their sound or direction, and I find it unfair. We all grow as people as the years go by, so it only makes sense that’s portrayed in their music. He’s put out an incredible amount of songs (and videos) this year. Want proof? Here’s his 20 track playlist of his drops just this year. 

The Chicago MC dropped the first installment of Fake Deep barely a week ago – a trap induced banger thanks in part to the genius that is producer Flight. Still, Loren brought a lot of energy, and a bit of braggadocios rhymes to create one of my favorites from him this year. Today we’ve gotten Fake Deep 2, a more reflective and honest record sharing much more vulnerability and internal struggles. Flight worked his magic once again, continuing to prove his versatility on the board. It makes perfect sense he got femdot. on the second installment, as he often takes the same approach in his music. Although Fem delivered similar lyrical content, his intensity is heightened, complimenting Loren’s more lackadaisical flow.

His upcoming project fake DEEP is in high demand, and I cannot wait to give it a full listen when it impacts. He has tons of music in the vault, (apparently 3 mixtapes worth) so we can look forward to much more from him this year. Loren also has a show this coming Sunday to celebrate his birthday, with plenty of dope artists and creatives on the bill. You can peep the flyer below for all the info and grab tickets here.DKCo56xWkAA3cUT


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