Loren Doesn’t Disappoint In His Highly Anticipated New Project “Fake Deep”

From the beginning of Loren’s highly anticipated Fake Deep, you’ll feel the change in the MC. The intro titled RIPLogan is a detailed account of why he changed his name and his new state of mind. An important line is: “Had to take to the roots, back to where it started,” – a statement that is the basis of the new project. One constant is Logan’s right hand man producer Flight, who was behind the boards on every record. Still, this is Logan 2.0, as his last project was dropped just about a year ago. His ease in rapping over super smooth beats sounds effortless, and the pictures he paints with his words have gotten clearer.

Previous singles Fake Deep and Fake Deep 2 are thankfully on the tape, but interestingly enough Part 2 is first. As previously stated, 2 is my favorite, with a hell of a contribution from femdot. Two upbeat and ruthless tracks are underground LEGEND and closer Wonder Wander which I highly recommend giving a listen. Much of Fake Deep is incredibly catchy – and will be easy to play back and add to your streaming playlists. For the ones who enjoy joints to light up to, (no pun intended) you’ll find a plethora that although slow rolling, contain a lot of impressive rhymes.

Loren did not get trendy on Fake Deep – and that’s something I respect. He brought it back to his Famous days, and proved his consistency and versatility.