Ajani Jones – Eternal Bliss (New Project + Review)

Our love for Ajani Jones is endless. Just read our write ups. He’s released an EP, a few loosies, and performed at shows around Chicago. His work has all been leading up to this: his debut project titled Eternal Bliss.

To get a full length from Ajani is more than a blessing, but essential to the year 2017. He is one of the most talked about new talents out of the Windy City, and this LP has proven his worth. It was premiered by arguably the most influential hip hop blog of all time, FakeShoreDrive, and has hit a total of 8K total streams in just 3 days. His success isn’t lucky, it’s well deserved.

Eternal Bliss is his most ambitious project yet, starting with the production. Guitar licks, ambient soundscapes, classic hip hop samples, and gospel influence laces the 10 tracks. 3 producers contribute to the project, with Blooka on 6 songs, Quickly, Quickly on 3 and The Kount on 1. Ajani approaches each song with a different mindset. Some contain off kilter rhyming, others with a classic hip hop flow. One thing stays consistent – his ability to rhyme efficiently on every topic imaginable such as hope, pain, the past, and the future.

The featured artist’s are not all rhyme slingers, but songstresses and back up vocalists. With one full listen you’ll hear the depth and amount of work that went into just under a dozen records. Give this thing a listen, as it will undoubtedly make year end lists around Chicago hip hop blogs (at the very minimum.)



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