The Dynamic Duo of AIR CREDITS Drops A Visual Wonderland In “SAFE ROOM”

The odd, but dynamite duo of Showyousuck + The Hood Internet have impressed me since their debut album AIR CREDITS (review here) Showyousuck is a legend around Chicago, consistently dropping clever and one of a kind music. His live shows are EPIC, and one of the best performances I’ve ever seen.

Linking with The Hood Internet was a smart move, as they naturally fit as a duo. Just a few weeks ago they dropped their sophomore EP OMEGA VIRUS/ ΩV as one 19 minute stream on SoundcloudIt was meticulously crafted; just peep the credits in the description. One of the most experimental tracks was SAFE ROOM, a psychedelic and ambient soundscape that put me in an entirely new state of mind.

Today we’ve got the official music video which is more of a visual show than anything else. It’ll confuse you, make you dizzy, and give you more questions than answers. This is everything AIR CREDITS is, meant to challenge you as a listener and viewer. The Bandcamp version of Omega Virus/ ΩVn is below for your downloading pleasure. Drop a few bucks so they can continue to make mind bending music.