Damn, I hate that I’m late on this post. After missing the listening event for the debut project of AIR CREDITS (Showyousuck + The Hood Internet) I was just salty as hell. There was something I had planned long in advance that I had completely forgotten about and it hit me at around 3pm. Let’s just say I had a bit of an internal temper tantrum.

BUT, I gave BROADCASTED a full and happy listen right when it dropped yesterday. Let’s just say I felt an odd combination of pleasant surprise and then “I already knew this would bump” too.

The EP starts with an ambient sound that fully took over my headphones. Then we hear: “My 31st favorite movie is the Craft“from Showyousuck and you know it’s on.

I loved the fact that Showyousuck sounded even sillier than usual. I loved that he used his voice to sound dark and scary. And I loved how The Hood Internet stretched their sound and blew me away. BROADCASTED is odd, but sounds just as an old broadcast would. At times a little audibly rough, but interesting, compelling, and something you definitely want to hear all the way through.

Like a lot of albums that are coming out of Chicago these days;,there are many people to thank for the success of the project, including my old professor at Columbia Professor Fox. He had writing and production credits on two of my favorite tracks, Hermosa Beach + All I Need Part 1. Take a look at all the credits as everyone who contributed did an excellent job.

I will continue to take this project in as it’s only a day old; but if you have any footage of the event slide in my DM’s please @flowsfordays_