The Dynamic Duo of AIR CREDITS Drops A Visual Wonderland In “SAFE ROOM”

The odd, but dynamite duo of Showyousuck + The Hood Internet have impressed me since their debut album AIR CREDITS (review here) Showyousuck is a legend around Chicago, consistently dropping clever and one of a kind music. His live shows are EPIC, and one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. Linking with The Hood Internet was aContinue reading “The Dynamic Duo of AIR CREDITS Drops A Visual Wonderland In “SAFE ROOM””


AIR CREDITS – BROADCASTED (New Project + Extensive Review)

Damn, I hate that I’m late on this post. After missing the listening event for the debut project of AIR CREDITS (Showyousuck + The Hood Internet) I was just salty as hell. There was something I had planned long in advance that I had completely forgotten about and it hit me at around 3pm. Let’sContinue reading “AIR CREDITS – BROADCASTED (New Project + Extensive Review)”

Air Credits – Passport (New Track)

ShowYouSuck has been one of my favorite Chicago artists since his 2011 OneManPizzaParty LP. He’s been putting in work for a long ass time. He’s teamed up with mash up kings The Hood Internet to form an extremely talented trio called Air Credits. They’ve released All I Need Part 1 and Part 2 which wereContinue reading “Air Credits – Passport (New Track)”