Tye Motive$ (feat. Maajei Vu) – Bling Bloaw (New Track)

One of our first posts on flowsfordays was Tye Motive$ show stopping EP Diploma. It was actually the discovery of this project that sold me on the blogging game. I’ve discovered a lot of new music in the last 7 months – all based off submissions and exploration on SoundCloud.

Since the EP and our coverage of his loosie Say Yes, he’s been building a heavy buzz throughout the SoundCloud universe. He’s been linking with Maajei Vu for some time now, and they’ve proven to make a great duo. Today they are back with their newest record Bling Bloaw. It’s one of the most relaxed tracks I’ve heard in awhile. For those that don’t know – Maajei is just as talented on the mic as he with production, and uses both on this one.

This is Tye’s last loosie before he drops his Sophomore EP, Trouble In Nirvana, on April 20th. Get ready for new music by following him on SoundCloud.