Tye Motive$ – Say Less (New Track)

One of the first mixtapes we posted since the inception of FFD was Tye Motive$’ Diploma. (In my opinion we hopped on it first…but I digress.) It was one of my favorites of the month and such a surprise as it didn’t have much buzz initially. The plays soon racked up…and I was so glad to see it.

Well Tye is back with his first drop since Diploma blew up; and it is a great one. Say Less is produced by Maajei Vu who gave beats to the entirety of Diploma. Once again the chemistry between the rapper and producer is great. This song is slower, hazier, but pretty trap infused. It’s a 2 minute song but a lot is packed in. It is drippy and solid.

Stream Diploma below and catch the wave.


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