Tye Motive$ – Diploma (New Mixtape)

Diploma EP is an excellent introduction to Milwaukee native Tye Motive$. He dropped some loosies about a year ago, but we’ve never gotten a full length from him. He majorly impresses in this project, winding feel good summer time tracks with trippy, drippy, and syrupy bangers. You can find drug related romantic mishaps throughout, but especially in Pink Slip, my personal favorite. A welcoming feature throughout Diploma is his ability to combine autotune and melody into groovier tracks such as 4X (with an excellent feature from Wave Chapelle). To get a better understanding of the inspiration behind this project, I’ll let Tye educate you: 

Diploma is basically my senior year of high school in audio form. From skipping school to turning up on the daily, a lot of people doubted that we would actually get our Diplomas. I always knew I would get it, but at the time it seemed like a dream; we were never in class. Finally getting my Diploma was my final transition from adolescence into adulthood.