Xavier Clark – DENXM (EP)

We’ve got another “better late than never” post. DENXM by Indianapolis’ Xavier Clark was released in the beginning of February, but I missed it. We covered his excellent Arlo EP back in November, and this follow up is impressive. It is the one of the best full lengths I’ve heard on SoundCloud this month, hands down. There is so much to love about it. Production is A1, fitting Xavier’s eclectic + high energy bars.

He’s more than just a rapper, and includes genres such as warpy electronica, ambient soundscapes, and autotune vocals. Not only does it sound great, Xavier finds a great balance between experimental song structures and braggadocios lyrics.

Features come from Scotty Apex, Z. Wells, Will C, Indica, along with a wide array of producers. Be sure to check out my favorite record on the EP, Shut it Down.