Doe Brings Progression To Indianapolis In His Newest Visual, “Play Money”

22-year-old Indianapolis native Dośe is not your typical MC. Although the Indy hip-hop scene hasn’t brought a wealth of mainstream attention, there is an eclectic underground that has the potential to grow & gain that national attention. Rappers in that area mostly compromise of dizzying lyricsts who focus on paying tribute to the innovators of … More Doe Brings Progression To Indianapolis In His Newest Visual, “Play Money”

Xavier Clark – DENXM (EP)

We’ve got another “better late than never” post. DENXM by Indianapolis’ Xavier Clark was released in the beginning of February, but I missed it. We covered his excellent Arlo EP back in November, and this follow up is impressive. It is the one of the best full lengths I’ve heard on SoundCloud this month, hands down. There … More Xavier Clark – DENXM (EP)

EJAAZ – Naptown (Video)

Indianapolis native EJAAZ favors quiet production. His music can be cold and full of empty space. He’s dropped project after project with these esthetics, including my favorite, Lil Darling.  He’s upgraded his sound for the first single off his upcoming project in Naptown. EJAAZ provides more relatable subject matter, better vocals and the perfect amount of voice manipulation. … More EJAAZ – Naptown (Video)