Jimmy Pham – Room 202 (New EP + Extensive Review)

R&B artists experiment from time to time with distorted vocals, abstract beats, and occasionally both. But, it’s a rare occurrence when a vocalist breaks boundaries throughout an entire project.

Although Jimmy Pham’s newest EP Room 202 is only 3 full tracks, (there are 3 interludes) every facet of the project is in a realm of it’s own. The inspiration may have come from his band Enough For Now, but since trying out the solo dolo route, he’s made music that seems to reflect who he is as an individual. 

The production is full of ambient and stuttering hi-hats (thanks to Donn Robb, Taylor Supreme and Purps of 808 Mafia) along with echoing, atmospheric vocals. Especially impressive is NO MRE, where Jimmy hits chopped up and distorted high notes. 

Don’t skip through the interludes as they are essential to understanding the EP. The story starts with Jimmy telling an anonymous friend (who’s voice is deepened) that he and his girl have been fighting. He and his friend plan to go to a party, but in a saddening twist, Jimmy finds her there. She swears it’s not what it looks like, and subsequently calls him over and over again. I won’t reveal the songs in-between, as more is explained in an engrossing way.

Room 202 was made with care, as Jimmy worked with Chicago’s legendary Classick Studios, and mixed and mastered by Bryan Schwaller. The least we can do is give the EP a full listen, as I’m sure this took a lot of time to develop and perfect.

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