Uber Driver Turned Pop Star James Kahil Drops His Debut Solo Single In ‘Runaways’

Over the last 10 years, pop has grown incredibly stale. Radio is just blah. I may sound out-dated, but there is no denying the lack of innovativeness from these overplayed singles. Taking that into consideration, it’s hard for me to even press play on a chart topper. Even hip hop stations have taken a left turn, leaving me disappointed and confused.

Now, let’s segue into James Kahil. James is a pop artist out of Chicago, who has a pretty interesting story. While driving Uber, he shared his music with his passengers, often getting negative feedback. Customers often had positive reactions, which gave Jimmy the confidence to push forward in his career. After joining a band, Enough For Now, he decided to go the solo route. He dropped his best music yet in EP Room 202, which I reviewed (then going by Jimmy Pham). It was a progressive r&b experience, with James breaking boundaries in vocals and beat selection.

After an incredible response to 202, James has given us Runaways. James blends heartfelt lyrics and pop-driven melodies for his solo debut single, which is sure to rack up plays. Mantra provided the electronic-tinged beat for Jimmy to sing his heart out. Stream above.