We’ve had Moses Mosima on the site quiet a bit in the last couple of weeks, and for good reason. He dropped his HUGE project Babies (which we posted and reviewed) in the middle of October which was featured all over the blogosphere. We also spoke with him on the album in our exclusive interview shortly after.

Just last night he dropped the creepiest Halloween themed track I have heard yet in DRKSHDS. The introductory beat (produced by Mosima himself) should have been the song playing in whatever haunted house you attended last night. Not only is it dark, its creepy and actually pretty complex.

The song was premiered at Chant Magazine which is pretty dope. Hopefully he continues to get recognition for his serious output. He’s been working hard to make a name for himself throughout Philly, performing at local venues across the city.

As we mentioned before, Moses is part of The Highest Basement Collective and we have been in talks with their manager Riley (who also did the artwork on DRKSHDS), so look out for something special with them coming soon.

For now, follow Moses on SoundCloud and if you haven’t, give Babies a spin.

PHOTO CREDIT: @ayjefeholmes