Moses Mosima – Babies (New Project + Mini Review)

“I fucked up when I said I gave a fuck”

When I heard this chorus on track 3 off of Moses Mosima’s incredible new project Babies I knew I was in for a treat. Moses must have been floating on a cloud while creating his debut, as he handled the lyrics, singing AND production. He has a sweet yet somber voice that carries through till the last song. It is the perfect length, coming in at 8 tracks. The intro sets up a soundscape that will continue to enhance and expand as the album progresses. If this is what he can cook up on his first release EVER, we are in for a treat as he continues on as an artist.

His SoundCloud is linked to a website to the Highest Basement Collective (who he is presumably apart of) and they had this to say about the project:

Philadelphia native Moses Mosima delivers his Babies EP. The 8-track debut effort finds the 20-something delivering a statement about the fragility of the base emotions we as humans share at birth: love, hurt, anger, and fear. Self-produced in its entirety, the rapper-singer reverts listeners back to what times were like when simplicity took the lead. Showcasing unrushed and pleasing vocals, he brings a timeless feel that never sounds forced, but rather blessedly and easy. Tying in themes of paranoia and lust, Babies is as an audio exploration of vulnerability and overtness–a testament to the 18 years spent staining the blank-slate to make this project. Overall the project stands as a final farewell to childhood.