We Talk With Moses Mosima on Buzzing New Album ‘Babies’ (Exclusive Interview)

Moses Mosima has gotten so much website coverage for his new album Babies, its hard to keep up. Everyone from The Source  to Hip Hop to MTV UK has sung praise about the extraordinary EP.

We did a pretty extensive write up on the project here and decided to talk with the buzzing artist himself. Read on below and be sure to purchase the album on iTunes or download for free.

Let’s get right into the music. You are getting A TON of love for your most recent 8 track EP Babies. How does this feel? Were you expecting to get featured on some many blogs?

The blog coverage is dope! I think it hit me that this was gaining traction when it was up on MTV. That was wild. First and foremost though I’m happy the people connect with it on a personal level.

The EP deals with a lot of vulnerability’ personal and universal. Talk a little bit about why you decided to create a project centered around these themes. 

I always have to tap into raw emotions when creating. It’s cathartic. I don’t make songs I don’t “feel” first. That’s big for me. The vulnerability expressed in some of these songs is a consequence of that.

Why did you decide to call it Babies?

I haven’t really settled on a reason why the title and aesthetic came to me the way it did. It was more of a feeling than a decision to name it Babies.

Your voice is extremely unique. How long have you been singing? 

Around 5 years at this point

How long did it take to record and master Babies?

2-3 years at least. I started this at 18. I’m going to be 22 this January.

The production on the EP is pretty laid back and instrumentally driven. Why did you decide to keep that sound throughout? 

I composed and arranged the production before writing. I wanted to nail the flow of the project first. So important. The laid back feel is just what my ears like. I make what I want to hear so that’s just a matter of my taste.

On our write up of Babies, we first quoted the chorus of track ‘IFCKUP’ “I fucked up when I said I gave a fuck.” I loved the lyrics and immediately wanted to reach out to you. What inspired you to create it?

That’s awesome! I love when people connect with what I make. I was going through the end stage of a torrential relationship while writing this and meant for it to be an anthem for bad decisions

Dancing on the Walls was the first single off Babies. You released that in July of this year. Why did you decide to go with that as the first drop?

While putting Babies together I did a lot of preliminary listens with a lot of people whose opinions I trust. That song was the one that resonated most and made most sense as a single. It’s friendly and a little lighter than some of the other material on here.

Did you feel like it did well?

The response has been very overwhelmingly positive! Between the coverage and how people have connected to it; I can say this release has far exceeded my expectations.

You produced all of the EP. What came first, making beats or singing?

The beats no doubt. I started making beats long before I ever sang.

What is your favorite track off of Babies?

Can’t Stand.

Were any of the songs made awhile ago or were they all made around the same time?

ifckdup is the newest song. Everything else came around the same winter I dropped out of school and moved back home. There was a lot going on in my life at the time. It all came together to inspire the sound.

The instrumental song, “In,” was just beautiful. It completely drew me in to the rest of the project. When you created it did you know it would be the intro?

Thank you! Funny enough, I wasn’t even big on it as the intro until just about everyone I showed the album to suggested it. It was originally the second track. I had like 3 other intros that didn’t make the cut!

You are now 21 years old. How do you feel you have grown from the person you were describing in the project?

I’ve learned to trust myself more. Not to doubt my intuition. Just like every artist I had many moments of self doubt when alone working on this. I’ve learned how to fight harder for my artistic vision. On top of that, I gained a wealth of knowledge and perspective from making this project that I’m excited to use on album two.

What inspires you to create?

I think about death a lot. I just want the music to live on if I go today. Maybe that’s a little morbid and serious but at this point; I know this is what I was put here to do and I know I don’t have time to waste.

What are some things you’ve learned while creating and releasing ‘Babies’ to the public?

How to maintain faith and how to trust myself

Do you have any last thoughts, shout outs or words of wisdom?

Live for your passion; don’t die for it.

Thanks again Moses.

Thank you. I appreciate the vibes