Interview with Threat Digga on new track ‘God Level’ (Dissection Interview Series)

It’s been some time, but we are back with another Track Dissection. Threat Digga is a new name for me, but when I heard his submission to new single God Level I couldn’t help asking him to be apart on this growing interview series. He just annihilates the song with producer Jacob Lethal. Their suggestive names don’t seem to be on accident. Learn more about the creation of the track, some breakdown of the lyrics, and Threat’s upcoming plans.

Hey man! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us! Just so start it off, how old are you and where are you from?

I’m 22 years old & I’m from a small town in south jersey called Pemberton.

So you sent me your huge record God Level. What has the response been like once you released it?

The response has been real dope, few different blogs & people hit with dope feedback just hope the feedback continues

Once of my favorite lines on the track was: “I gotta go get it cus they know that I’m hurtin’, just pay me my respect cus they know that I’m working.” There is a lot in there. Lets talk about the first part. What did you mean when you said you were hurtin’?

I’ve been hurt by people, some of the responses from prior tracks I’ve uploaded were hurtful & bad decisions I’ve made in life hurt me till this day so the line was like a total of hurt coming from all aspects of my life as a whole

The second part speaks on how hard you are working. Do you think you are given the respect you deserve? 

I think since I’ve been hurt & I started reciprocating the hurt into my music to feel better I’ve gotten a better response from my viewers! At a point I was just making songs just to make something people like and I’ve grown to learn that as long as I’m expressing myself with this creative outlet genuine people who feel where I’m coming from will always understand so I do think I’m starting to gain more respect but maybe not as much as I deserve just yet.

It almost seems like you were trying to prove you deserved respect as an emcee in this one. I guess the title says it all. Do you think you’ve achieved that goal?

I believe I’ve gained a lot of respect as an emcee! Just trying to show everyone I can keep up with the upcoming talent even though my sound may not be what the newer generation is used to

Another line on God Level was: “got a main chick never fuck around”. Is this actually true? If so, why did you think it was important to include that line?

Yes the line is true, my girl is literally my biggest supporter & she was actually in the studio with me when I recorded the record, its just dope to have someone in your corner to give you honest feedback on something you love to do!

The beat was insane. It was produced by Jacob Lethal. Do you plan to work with him again? How did you initially link with him?

Me and Jacob linked via social media, he has a dope YouTube channel where I’ve found a few dope beats I’d like to use in the future but my usual production comes from an in home up & coming producer name Sean Minor

What was the writing process like on this? What’s essential for you when you’re recording?

For this specific record I had been listening to a lot of Dave East music recently & he gave me a vibe on just speaking real & not trying to be like anyone else when recording but usually the music has to be very loud with a 1/5 of Henny & little to no one in the studio with me so I can zone out.

What can we expect from you for the rest of 2017?

Hoping 2017 can be a big year for me. plan to drop multiple singles leading to my EP titled Redemption executive producer by Sean Minor, followed by multiple visuals & let God handle the rest.