Adam Reverie Feeds His Fans With Another Stunning Visual

I’m not one for grandiose statements, but 2 months ago I couldn’t help myself. Adam Reverie had just released Passion, another superb video, and I finally got it. I wrote that he was “single handedly bringing the Detroit underground back.” I continue to stand by this. There are 3 important elements to success in the music industry: Dedication, aContinue reading “Adam Reverie Feeds His Fans With Another Stunning Visual”


Adam Reverie – Passion (Video + Review)

Adam Reverie is celebrated amongst all of my blogger friends. From Justice (of the to Joe Hovas, ( everyone seems to have caught on to his undeniable talent. When I started my first blog in 2011, Adam was one of the first artists that reached out to me. His first submission was Black BoyContinue reading “Adam Reverie – Passion (Video + Review)”