Adam Reverie – Passion (Video + Review)

Adam Reverie is celebrated amongst all of my blogger friends. From Justice (of the to Joe Hovas, ( everyone seems to have caught on to his undeniable talent. When I started my first blog in 2011, Adam was one of the first artists that reached out to me. His first submission was Black Boy Out In Poverty, which sits in my iTunes to this day.  I’ve watched him grow for 6 years, and the hard work has continued to pay off.

Last year I purchased a physical copy of his EP Soul Ties after playing it through only once. (It helped that he did an excellent job on the packaging.) The project was released 8 months ago, and up until April, his output had ceased. Then his single Passion dropped, and SoundCloud went crazy. Now, with over 30K plays, we’ve got the official music video to the best song he’s ever created.

The quality of the song is matched with the visual directed by Uprising.TV & co-directed by himself. Reverie gives a passionate performance laced with high energy, vicious lyricism & a bad boy persona. His presence on film is exceptional; but it is the inspiring footage from his Sway In The Morning appearance that ties it altogether. It’s hard to imagine Adam doing anything other then prospering in 2017.


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