flowsfordays Presents: Our 10 Favorite Instrumental Albums of 2016

As each year goes by I see more and more music blogs overlooking hip hop instrumental albums. It’s disappointing to see as many of them are just as intricate and conceptual as albums with lyrics. We’ll always have Donuts, Endtroducing…, and Petestrumentals, but producers around the world are serving up platters of straight up instrumental caviar across the … More flowsfordays Presents: Our 10 Favorite Instrumental Albums of 2016

K.eYE.D + Thelonious Martin – POOLSCLOSING (New Album)

Virginia’s K.eYe.D & Chicago’s master producer Thelonious Martin connect in a BIG way on their newly released collaborative EP POOLSCLOSING. Martin has crafted some of his best instrumentals on this one. K.eYe.D provides a unique and complementary voice to his dusty beats. Take a listen to highlights UBERNOWHERE and Dark Silverware (Angela) to hear the … More K.eYE.D + Thelonious Martin – POOLSCLOSING (New Album)

Thelonious Martin – Static (New Instrumental EP)

Thelonious Martin. A legend in the city of Chicago. Producer/artist/vinyl enthusiast; a vital part of the past, present and future of the hip hop culture. I don’t need to tell you how many artists he’s worked with. When he drops ANYTHING, I’m on it. Tonight, in anticipation for upcoming project Late Night Programming, KingThelonious decided to … More Thelonious Martin – Static (New Instrumental EP)