Virginia’s K.eYe.D & Chicago’s master producer Thelonious Martin connect in a BIG way on their newly released collaborative EP POOLSCLOSING. Martin has crafted some of his best instrumentals on this one. K.eYe.D provides a unique and complementary voice to his dusty beats. Take a listen to highlights UBERNOWHERE and Dark Silverware (Angela) to hear the super group’s complete range in track soundscapes.

My favorite song, ROTATION is just eerie, especially at the end when children’s echoey voices come into play and Martin’s back end samples close it off. There are tons of spooky references to pools and swimming all over this EP but K scales the intensity  back with his somber and balanced tone of voice. It’s not like the guy doesn’t have bars, he just knows where he is most effective. He can speak on a wide range of topics.

POOLCLOSING’s biggest strength is K + Martin’s ability to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. This is obviously a concept album, but not something you can decipher quickly. It is meant to be experienced in different venues, times of day, and points in your life.

This is K.eYe.D’s first official album so support the guy (and Martin) by purchasing POOLSCLOSING on iTunes.