The Chicago Round Up​ (Monday, October 2nd)

It’s impossible to keep up with the newest hip-hop releases. While streaming sites such as Spotify and Apple Music highlight them, they only do so once a week with almost no coverage of “less established” rappers. I write about music for a living, and still can’t keep up. I adore Chicago hip-hop and listen to itContinue reading “The Chicago Round Up​ (Monday, October 2nd)”


It’s a Chicago Affair As MFnMelo Grabs Femdot, Saba & Jacob Denzel For His New Single “The Giver”

Looks like MFn Melo’s Melodramatics is coming sooner than we think. His newest release, The Giver, is one of his strongest offerings of the year, and mostly likely a single off his highly anticipated debut project. It features two incredibly talented artists – Jacob Denzel & our man Femdot. They prove to be perfect forContinue reading “It’s a Chicago Affair As MFnMelo Grabs Femdot, Saba & Jacob Denzel For His New Single “The Giver””

Yomi – #THATHARPIST (New Mixtape)

After listening to just a few songs off Yomi’s new mixtape #THATHARPIST and I was lost. This wasn’t a negative experience – but a completely positive one. Yomi is a producer, harpist, and vocalist out of Chicago who is talented across the board. In her newest project she continues to hone in on her skills both withContinue reading “Yomi – #THATHARPIST (New Mixtape)”

SqueakPIVOT – diamonds4irene (New Track)

Yesterday Chicago based collective Pivot Gang announced a host of projects from their squad that would be (tentatively) dropping this year. Included were Joseph Chilliams – Henry Church Saba – BucketList dinnerwithjohn – DinnerWithJohn (self-titled) MFn Melo – Melodramatics While the release dates are unknown for now, it seems this will be the year that Pivot GangContinue reading “SqueakPIVOT – diamonds4irene (New Track)”