Doe Brings Progression To Indianapolis In His Newest Visual, “Play Money”

22-year-old Indianapolis native Dośe is not your typical MC. Although the Indy hip-hop scene hasn’t brought a wealth of mainstream attention, there is an eclectic underground that has the potential to grow & gain that national attention. Rappers in that area mostly compromise of dizzying lyricsts who focus on paying tribute to the innovators of hip hop. No artist is alike these days (even though it may seem like it) but sub-genres can be more prominent in certain areas.

Dośe strays away from the trends of the city, creating the music he is inspired to and feels most comfortable making. This is why I was immeditatley impressed with his submission to his music video Play Money. Dośe takes a unique approach to the cliche theme of wanting to “blow up” and “make money,” mixing in his depressive state with a somber beat and visaul to match. Although many rappers use melody to accentuate their tracks, Dośe stays unique. Dośe voice is foggy, droning, and incredibly addictive. The official music video directed by Josh Jonez captures his seemingly uncomfortable and clastrophic thoughts with the authenticty that Play Money Brings. Dośe isn’t in this for the money – as he works hard to bring a full experience to his music, even grabbing Swan Laak for background vocals that tie the gritty song together. You can peep the visual below, and follow Dośe on Twitter here.