Chicago’s MPulse Drops Another Stellar EP In ‘Self-Awarness’

MPulse has been on fire this year, putting out a brand new EP every single month. This will last till the end of the year – similar to last year’s one song a week campaign. You can’t tell the Chicago MC he doesn’t put in work. Self-Awarness hit SoundCloud at the end of June –Continue reading “Chicago’s MPulse Drops Another Stellar EP In ‘Self-Awarness’”


Mpulse – All You Got (New Track)

Chicago’s Mpulse blew me away with his latest 52 Week Campaign record, All You Got. It is his most sincere and heartfelt song yet, and incredibly honest. He switches from smooth raps into a melodic chorus, all meticulously produced by frequent collaborator Don Cannon. On All You Got, Pulse reminisces on some of his biggest lossesContinue reading “Mpulse – All You Got (New Track)”

Mpulse – Cool With That (New Track)

My man Mpulse is back with another gem in Cool With That. He continues to show his ability to switch up flows and subject matter, most impressively on his last 3 drops. Legendary producer Don Cannon has worked with him before, but only as a co-producer. In CWT, he is given full control over the beat, givingContinue reading “Mpulse – Cool With That (New Track)”

Mpulse – In The Field (New Track)

Chicago underground emcee Mpulse is back with Week 25 of his 52 week series. (For those that aren’t good with numbers like me, 52 weeks= a year.) He usually works with one producer, but In The Field is different. He’s elicited 3 well established and talented beatsmiths: Keef Boyd, Don Cannon, and Lyle LeDuff. Keef Boyd isContinue reading “Mpulse – In The Field (New Track)”

Mpulse – Hold On (New Track)

Mpulse has stayed true to his word and is continuing his “52 Week” campaign. This is week 9 (of 52!) and my favorite to date. Mpulse is in a different zone on Hold On, channeling a different sound and different vibe. His flow switches up quiet a bit and the beat from Keef Boyd and DonContinue reading “Mpulse – Hold On (New Track)”

Exploring Lil Uzi Vert’s Music (Editorial)

  You may have noticed I am a fan of Lil Uzi Vert. He grabbed my attention when I first saw the music video for Uzi off his 2014 Don Cannon hosted tape. He continued to impress as each new project was released with much anticipation. I enjoyed The Real Uzi, mostly more than almostContinue reading “Exploring Lil Uzi Vert’s Music (Editorial)”