Hidden Gems of 2021 (That You May Not Know Of…Yet)

Yes, this is a list. Yes, it’s my personal opinion. Music is always subjective. Maybe ya’ll know all these songs. But…I think you’re going to find some dope stuff. The site was born off of my passion in sharing great music. That hasn’t changed. Go enjoy! Leona – ASL I first discovered the group ASLContinue reading “Hidden Gems of 2021 (That You May Not Know Of…Yet)”


Kari Kool – ’92 (New Track)

SoundCloud can either be a holy grail of new discoveries, or a trash bin, depending on the day. Today has been a good day. My good friend Sage The 6th Wonder recently reposted this┬átrack by fellow SlumpGang member Kari Kool and in about ten seconds I knew this was something special. Kari can actually spit,Continue reading “Kari Kool – ’92 (New Track)”