Chicago’s Ausar & Plainro Join Forces For An Inspirational Track, “WHOLETIME”

Two of my favorite artists linking for new music? I’ll take it. Both Ausar and Plainro have had a big year, dropping amazing music that has broken the boundaries of rapping, R&B, and downtempo sonics. This year Ausar put out an exceptional EP titled Growth that brought him accolades around the board. He was also featuredContinue reading “Chicago’s Ausar & Plainro Join Forces For An Inspirational Track, “WHOLETIME””


Ausar, Josi Green + Plainro – Dirty Laundry (Video)

We are big fans of the 3 artists featured in Dirty Laundry. We’ve covered them extensively, as Ausar has made year end lists, we’ve premiered Plainro’s new music, and given Josi the top spot in our Better Half Playlists. There is just too much to link you to, but search any of them on the top ofContinue reading “Ausar, Josi Green + Plainro – Dirty Laundry (Video)”

Ausar – Squad Anthem (New Track)

Ausar’s project The 6th Page Letter was in my top 5 favorite tapes of 2016. Hands down. It has done huge numbers and has received high and well deserved praise. It seems Ausar has some in the vault as he has unleashed another beautiful record in Squad Anthem. The song is almost a short memoir centralized aroundContinue reading “Ausar – Squad Anthem (New Track)”