Ausar, Josi Green + Plainro – Dirty Laundry (Video)

We are big fans of the 3 artists featured in Dirty Laundry. We’ve covered them extensively, as Ausar has made year end lists, we’ve premiered Plainro’s new music, and given Josi the top spot in our Better Half Playlists. There is just too much to link you to, but search any of them on the top of our page and you will find everything your heart desires.

At the tail end of last year, Ausar dropped one of the best mixtapes of the year in The 6 Page Letter. It truly blew me away. While it wasn’t my introduction to Planiro or Josi, their collaborative efforts brought a new side to each artist. Ausar provides the singing and rapping, Plainro the harmonizing, and Josi the straight up bars.

It was truly a blessing to receive the visual treatment to my favorite song on the project. Always working director Pat Banahan put together a true concept video without making it corny. It’s obvious all 3 artists involved are friends and enjoy working with one another. Fun fact – they are part of a music collective called A.I.M. Peep above.