Chicago’s Ausar & Plainro Join Forces For An Inspirational Track, “WHOLETIME”

Two of my favorite artists linking for new music? I’ll take it. Both Ausar and Plainro have had a big year, dropping amazing music that has broken the boundaries of rapping, R&B, and downtempo sonics. This year Ausar put out an exceptional EP titled Growth that brought him accolades around the board. He was also featured on our “best projects of the year” in 2016 with The 6 Page Letter. Plainro was on the list last year as well. He’s been collaborating with a lot of dope artists this year, silently showcasing his melodic vocals and a bit of rhyming. Ausar and Plainro have a similar style which makes WHOLETIME a very enjoyable listen.

Airy bars move to light vocals, focusing on the darkness they’ve been through, and their miracle of seeing the light. Producer Andre Joyner used his skills to compliment the themes of the track. WHOLETIME has an inspirational message that you’ll have to decipher on your own…which may just be the best way to take it in.