Marko Stat$ And Aced Spade Expand Their Reach On Eclectic Collab ‘Never Be a Robot’

Whether you like it or not, Marko Stat$ has become a staple in the Chicago hip hop scene. He’s always had the bars, flow, and delivery to back it up, but that can only take a rapper so far. Lately, Marko has gotten super experimental and creative with the help and guidance of his right hand man, Aced Spade. Both artist and producer have the best track record as a duo in Chicago. Only facts.

Some time ago they collaborated on Never Be a Robot, a mellow, melodic, yet content heavy record that is now Marko’s most played song on Spotify. Give it a spin and you’ll understand why. Aced provides a multi-genre instrumental with bumping bass, while Marko serves up a plate of flows, interludes, and vocal stretches. Experience it all above or on your favorite streaming platform here.