MPULSE – FEELINGS (New Music Video)

I have known Mpulse since 2016. I don’t need any accolades…but the fact that I’ve posted him 23 times (starting off with his inclusion on my list of best loosies in 2016) makes this song and video heartbreaking. How frustrating would it be to undertake a 52-week campaign (in 2017) dropping a new song everyContinue reading “MPULSE – FEELINGS (New Music Video)”


Mpulse Digs In The Archives For ‘CIRCA 11’ EP

Mpulse ALWAYS  keeps his word. His campaigns are legendary, whether he’s dropping one song a week (2017) or a new EP every month (this year.) He took a much deserved break this July, grabbing 4 unreleased tracks from 2011 to make the CIRCA ’11 EP. Pulse told me they are outdated, and was a bitContinue reading “Mpulse Digs In The Archives For ‘CIRCA 11’ EP”

Chicago’s MPulse Drops Another Stellar EP In ‘Self-Awarness’

MPulse has been on fire this year, putting out a brand new EP every single month. This will last till the end of the year – similar to last year’s one song a week campaign. You can’t tell the Chicago MC he doesn’t put in work. Self-Awarness hit SoundCloud at the end of June –Continue reading “Chicago’s MPulse Drops Another Stellar EP In ‘Self-Awarness’”

Mpulse Comes Correct This Summer With New EP ‘Listen While Driving’

Mpulse is addicted to the studio. After putting out a song every. single. week. last year, he’s back with another campaign. He’s dropping one EP a month for the entire year, and Listen While Driving is his 5th, and most potent. Pulse flows over the best beats of his career thanks to producers AirFlocko and KeenanContinue reading “Mpulse Comes Correct This Summer With New EP ‘Listen While Driving’”

Mpulse Proves He’ll Never Be “Regular” In His Latest Drop

I can’t believe there is only 6 weeks left in Mpulse’s 52 week campaign. One song per week for A YEAR. We’ve been covering the campaign extensively, almost from the beginning, and I can’t believe it’s coming to an end. In Pulse’s newest he gets his Kanye on, dubbing the rest of the competition “regular.”Continue reading “Mpulse Proves He’ll Never Be “Regular” In His Latest Drop”

Mpulse Keeps It Coming With Track 41 in His 52 Week Campaign

I’ve never met Mpulse, so there is no affiliation in that regard. He’s not our most posted artist because he’s a good friend. It’s because he’s proven, 41 weeks in, that he can consistently put out quality music. If you haven’t been keeping up with the Chicago OG, you can check out all of ourContinue reading “Mpulse Keeps It Coming With Track 41 in His 52 Week Campaign”

Mpulse – Untitled Bars (New Track)

The most skillful rapper out of Chicago has come through with another boom bap classic in Untitled Bars. He ditches the hooks for straight up bars, showing off his rhyming abilities. The musical chemistry between Mpulse and producers Keef & Lyle becomes more and more apparent each time they collaborate. You’ll hear it again in trackContinue reading “Mpulse – Untitled Bars (New Track)”

Mpulse – Broadcaster (New Track)

You know the drill – Mpulse drops a song – we post it. It’s never a favor to him, just a tribute to the amazing music he makes. This one is called Broadcaster, and is Pulse at his most confident. He demands respect for his capacities as an emcee, and it’s hard to not giveContinue reading “Mpulse – Broadcaster (New Track)”

Mpulse – All You Got (New Track)

Chicago’s Mpulse blew me away with his latest 52 Week Campaign record, All You Got. It is his most sincere and heartfelt song yet, and incredibly honest. He switches from smooth raps into a melodic chorus, all meticulously produced by frequent collaborator Don Cannon. On All You Got, Pulse reminisces on some of his biggest lossesContinue reading “Mpulse – All You Got (New Track)”

Mpulse – The Greatest (New Track)

You know the drill. New Mpulse, new post. We are on week 32 in this 52 week series, and Pulse is not letting up. In The Greatest, he successfully proves that he’s reaching legendary status. He puts in work like no rapper I’ve ever seen. Once again he links with producer Keef Boyd, which is always a smartContinue reading “Mpulse – The Greatest (New Track)”