Mayhem (of EMS) Shows Us That Truth is a Hard Thing to Face In His Brilliant New Lyric Video ‘They Don’t Know’

Poetic hip hop has been an important facet of the genre since it’s humble beginnings in the late ’70s. It became essential as hip hop grew, shown by the likes of Public Enemy, The Wutang Clan, Nas, and many more. Substance and subject matter declined in the late ’90s in terms of mainstream attention, but we’ve finally hit a sweet spot not only due to a growing population of hip hop heads who appreciate lyricism but also because of the political and socioeconomic strife we are finally facing that can be captured with a click of the video record button on our iPhones or other smart devices. Racism has been permeated our society for decades upon decades; since the beginning of time. And we’ve all had enough.

Mayhem’s new track They Don’t Know is not only poetic but brilliantly captures what is going on in the world with attention to detail without an ounce of defeat. His words are essential to the masses, and my only hope is that his message spreads. From beginning to end, Mayhem shows how incredibly intelligent and worldly he is, alongside a steady delivery and lyrical prowess that should be displayed in museums, published in newspapers, and distributed to every living American. P Ro only emphasizes Mayhem’s powerful sentiments with a sample-driven, soul cutting, deeply rooted instrumental.

They Don’t Know is off of their upcoming PROclaiMAYtion EP.

It is important to note that proceeds from the sale of They Don’t Know merch (click here) will be donated to over 70 organizations fighting for racial justice.


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