Dr. Lekta & Elliott Niezel Are An Overseas Connection & Worldwide Infliction On Their Latest Single ‘Four-Figure Leglock’

Dr. Lekta & Elliott Niezel. Overseas connection, worldwide infliction. You’ll learn soon enough in their latest collab, Four-Figure Leglock. UK emcee Dr. Lekta is the bizarre, yet exceptionally gifted emcee that has the ferocity to break you apart limb for limb with dynamic bars that he strings together with flair. “I’ll blow your mind without using a gun” is established from the start, and from there, terror ensues, backed by a frightful instrumental from Lvshlxxp that creeps and crawls like spiders streaming down your back. US resident Elliot Niezel is just as unsettling, stretching his vocals with a Michael Myers sensibility. A sinister laugh ends Four-Figure Leglock, and you suddenly realize what you’ve just witnessed.

Both Dr. Lekta and Elliot Niezel are more than just two artists who ‘work’. They bring out the best in each other, encouraging new ideas and experimentation. If you desire even more confirmation of their undeniable chemistry, listen to their Species EP that dropped earlier this year. Stream below.


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