FFD Interview: Prxscott


Can you give us a proper introduction to yourself?

Yes, I go by Prxscott. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon. I got my name Prxscott from the intersection that I grew up on. 16th and Prescott.

You just released a very well done visual for your new track On My Own. Speaking sonically, how did that song come together?
I received that song via email from Tedd Lokc. He and Cabbage had done a rough draft to it. He just sent it to me so I could hear what he was currently working on.  I immediately called and demanded to be on the song. I hit the studio and knocked out my verse. The rest is history. 
Obviously, people love your work as you have over 1.2K subscribers on YouTube. Why do you think that is?
I think a bunch of my following from Instagram seen me post snippets of the video and then followed me to youtube to see the visual and hear the full song.
When did you start making music and how long have you been?
I started making music in 2002 at The Krackhouse Studios. Within the past 2 years, I started taking it seriously.
How do you think you contribute to the current hip hop scene?
I think I contribute originality and a different feel with my music. I’m putting on for the Pacific Northwest
Who shot All On My Own? 
On my Own was shot by @Bausikfilmco he’s a beast with the camera. He has hundreds of videos on YouTube
How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it before? 
I would describe it as NYC meets Northern Cali. Very versatile and different
Cabbage and Tedd LOKC contribute to All On My Own. How do you know them and why did you include them?
I’ve known Tedd Lokc since the sandbox. I believe Pre K / Kindergarten at King Elementary. I’ve known Cabbage for a long time also. He’s Tedd’s younger cousin. I watched him grow up into the next artist to blow. Initially, it was there track just a super rough draft. I heard it one and heard the potential in it and told them lets go back and do it right. The buzz on On my own is crazy. 
What are your goals for the rest of the year? 
For the rest of the year, I’ll be publishing my first book. The Alberta Trap District. It’s about gentrification in Portland, Oregon. Then I’ll be releasing the soundtrack to going with the book. The music is fire.
Any last words or shout outs? 
Shoutouts to everybody on the grind pushing their music and all the creatives. Shoutouts to @theoriginal_lokc, @taxxfreetony (Tony Ro$e), @fmbCabbage, @bmajaengineering, @coolnutz, @hiphopsocialworker, @thankyoutyrone, and @bausikfilmco.

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