Illect Recordings: The Independent Hip Hop Label You Need To Know (And Their Latest Songs)

Josh from Illect Recordings has been sending me exciting, diverse content from his signee’s for years now. It is very rare that I don’t write about it because the music is so unique, creative, and beautifully blended with a host of influences. The label and the artists’ desire to create the best music possible oozes from every orifice.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted their music, but to no fault of their own. This is a post dedicated to their latest and greatest that deserve to be written about. Here we go!

K.I.N.E.T.I.K. & Soulseize –  N.I.C.E.

Once again hooking up with his Swiss compadre Soulseize, K.I.N.E.T.I.K’s new song is like an inspirational quote that isn’t annoying. One of the greatest gifts he’s received is the ability to find love and gratitude in the darkest of places simply by watching his loved ones find peace and experiencing the beauty of life. If he can do it, you can, no matter the stress you are under. For the first time, he boldly embeds his West Indian heritage deep into his delivery and delivers a powerful, yet positive song over Soulseize’s boom-bap slaps and sax.

Stream at all digital outlets:

DIE-REK – Praises of Men

Toronto native DIE-REK composes his lyrics with substance and dignity. He’s proven it for some time now, especially after his latest full length The Dying OnesOne of the most important tracks off of the LP is its’ 3rd single, Praises of Men. It’s almost as if we are invited into his private thoughts and feelings perhaps in his room, contemplating life. Praises of Men has no clear cut message nor happy ending, and that’s the beauty of it. There is not one person alive that can say they haven’t thought off the cuff like this. DIE-REK wants to focus on himself and believe in God, but his circumstances and the dark corners of his mind have him struggling. It is a brave, distinctive voice,from a half poet, half emcee.

Stream The Dying Ones here.

Sareem Poems & Newselph – That’s What I’m On

One of my favorite duos in hip hop have hit us with ANOTHER track off their upcoming album. These guys never fail to deliver, reinvent, and challenge the status-quo of hip hop. That’s What I’m On contains a groovy funk/jazz beat that sounds like an entire band came into the studio and perfected their respective instruments. Sareem oozes a vibe that empowers, dancing upon the in-between silences of strings, drums, and whatever else Newsleph graces him with. Sareem is calm and collected, even when mentioning that instead of holding a piece (gun), he decided to dive into music…and that doesn’t make him less of a man. The title is representative of what you’ll hear and feel…almost as if a jam band and emcee was playing in front of you at an outdoor festival or restaurant.

Stream on all outlets:

Sareem Poems & Newselph- Lessons (ft. Macklyn & Monielle)

Whenever I listen to a collab between Sareem & Newsleph, I feel as though if we met we’d vibe so well and instantly become friends. Their entire aesthetic speaks to me in such a strong way, and only grows as more and more music comes my way. Lessons might just be my favorite cut from them. Sometimes it’s hard to write about their music because it is best explained musically. And that is what I’m doing to do this time. Listen and you’ll understand why I feel the way I do.


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