Amerigo Gazaway Challenges Systematic Racism In New Single ‘Indivisible’

A perfect way to enter back into the blogging game – Amerigo Gazaway’s new single Indivisible. So much time and thought went into a song that both uplifts and challenges. Every time we see another atrocious hate crime, a death by racist cops or rednecks, and everything inbetween, eventually our pain, hurt, and anger cannot be held in. We have fought. We have rallied. We have shared our truth and come together in unity, peace and love. Even in our protests, cops have almost killed us. Punched and kicked us. Beat us. Tried to hit us with their cars like we are dirty animals. But we prevail, and we stay strong.

When a month or two has gone by after one of these viral videos, many people decide that it’s been long enough, and say ‘I’ve done enough.’ This act is one of the biggest problems of the system, of the fight. Amerigo speaks on this, along with a powerful semi chorus about ‘white priviledge.’ They don’t feel it, and he has lived it. When someone has lived through something where stigmatization runs rampant, when judgement comes just by your skin color or other ways you represent yourself, no one can truly understand what it’s like.

There is only power and strength in Indivisible. A smooth instrumental among gorgeous trumpets shows us that music can be impactful in creativity and intent.

As the son of an immigrant and an artist who has dedicated my life and career to the celebration and preservation of Black music, I feel it is my duty and moral obligation to speak up about the systemic racism that has plagued our country for centuries. Growing up in the South, I’ve had my own share of terrifying encounters with the police and overt racism, but these experiences are only a fraction of the trauma that black people in the United States endure on a daily basis. Black lives have been under attack since the founding of this country and it is imperative that we dismantle the corrupt systems of hatred, white supremacy and racial oppression once and for all.

– Amerigo Gazaway


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