Up and Coming Bay Area Collective The Shankles Drop New Music Video/Vlog ‘Uh-Uhh’

Bay Area Collective The Shankles are destined for greatness. You can see it in the way they interact, crack jokes, and move together. They are the homeboys next door, the group you want to party with, the dudes you see around the way and can’t help but embrace.

All of the aforementioned is displayed in their latest music video/vlog Uh-Uhh. (produced by TOPE and shot by The Broken Arrow) The 6 man crew made up of Clyde, Lucky, Roux, Steve, Perry, and Billy Bob Shankle go sneaker shopping, hit local hotspots, and display a friendship that is unquestionable. But, it is when they hit the parking lot and actually display their musical gifts that you understand just how much potential they have. 

Each member brings something innovative to the table with various styles and personalities from soulful crooning, reality raps, tight flows, and a song structure that excites and wow’s. This is just their second release as The Shankles, and a dope one at that. Their debut, DoinWhatWeWanna, was another organic, feel-good visual that showed another side of their sonically diverse palette that I highly recommend checking out (see below.)

I haven’t been this excited about an up and coming group for what feels like forever. Well done guys.


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